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Getting Started On Tinder: A Step By Step Guide

Getting Started On Tinder: A Step By Step Guide

To display the badge, simply swipe right on the Festival Mode card for the event when it pops up in your card stack. Once you’ve matched with it, you’ll be able to see other users who are planning to attend as well – so you can swipe right on them, as well.

What Is Tinder’s Explore Feature?

Tinder Explore is a hub within the dating app where you can access the interactive social features, like Hot Takes, Vibes and Swipe Night.

Users can also check out profiles of potential matches curated by more than 15 different types of interests. For instance, if you’re looking for someone with a passion for business, you can look at suggested matches in the “Entrepreneurs” category of the “Discover By Interest” feed. You’ll also find categories like Foodies, Gamers, Music Lovers and Social Causes.

The profiles you’ll see in Tinder’s Explore section refresh often. Different interests will be presented to users based on the interests (or “Passions”, depending on your market) they chose for their own profiles, the time of day, and location.

What Are Tinder Coins?

Tinder coins are a new in-app currency that the app is testing in some markets. Coins can be purchased inside the app, then exchanged for ala carte premium perks like Super Likes and Boosts. Tinder users can also “earn” coins by updating their profiles regularly, being active on the app, and other actions. Tinder coins should be available world-wide soon.

What Is Tinder Places, And How Do You Get It?

The idea was the app would note which public places you visited, like bars, restaurants, and the like. It would then show you profiles of other singles who had also visited those places within the previous 28 days.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of an app click over here that matches you based on specific locations you have in common, try Happn.

What Is Super Likeable?

Super Likeable is a special card displaying four profiles that Tinder’s AI-driven algorithm has chosen for you based on your past swiping patterns. Nastavi čitati Getting Started On Tinder: A Step By Step Guide