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It helps that she does not attend regular school

It helps that she does not attend regular school

Unlike other things that children are exposed to today, which provide instant gratification, classical forms of art make one understand that you have to work to get something right and build upon it,” says Paralkar

On a Thursday evening at the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet in Ulsoor, Bengaluru, 12-year-old Maya is getting ready for her weekly jazz class, her hair pulled back in a tight bun. She has been studying ballet at the same academy since she was six, and is part of the foundation’sjunior dance company.

“I knew I wanted to be a dancer since I was 10,” she says confidently, before rushing off to class. In addition to ballet and jazz, she learns the harmonium, the tabla, Hindustani classical music (vocals), craft and embroidery, and swimming. “We ask her every year if she wants to go, but she says no,” says her mother, Shilpa Paralkar, a writer and former advertising executive.

Shilpa Paralkar + Haridas, Bengaluru“We wanted to keep her away from the computer and video games as a means of entertainment, which is unfortunately how urban living is these days” – Shilpa ParalkarCHILDREN: Maya*, 12 ACTIVITIES: Hindustani vocals, harmonium, tabla, craft and embroidery, swimming, ballet, jazz dance ANNUAL SPEND: Rs 1.17 lakh

The activities have thus been chosen with care. Nastavi čitati It helps that she does not attend regular school