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Fix Irql_not_less_or_equal Blue Screen In Windows 10

Plus, my dad taught me that no job is finished until you’ve cleaned up the mess you made doing it LOL. Windows will automatically download any updates after you click on the button. After the updates are successfully installed, see if the problem still occurs.

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  • Printers classified according to the technology behind printing.
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If there were any print jobs or print jams, it may have caused the error and made the printer go offline. In this case, try printing again to make the printer come online again. Print a page as the test to check that there are no errors now. So, Why is My Printer Offline – My Printer is Offline & How To Get Your HP Printer Back Online When we have to print any document, we choose the “Print” option. But, if there appears no response, then the printer chosen must have gone to the offline state. To make it back online from the offline state, you will have to follow certain steps. Being stuck with the Printer Offline screen can be a bummer, especially when you need to print out important documents.

Why Is My Epson Printer Offline?

In the Print Spooler Properties, configure Startup type of the service to Automatic. If spooler startup is about as Manual, then click on the menu to vary it. Confirm, and the status of the printer will be set to online. However, if you connect to the printer using Wifi, check that you are connected as well. In the end, restart your printer and Mac device as well.

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If your HP printer is showing offline on print server, then disabling the SNMP protocol should fix the issue. The Windows update settings can also be changed here according to your preference. This method should be used if the “Add a printer” wizard was used to initially install your HP printer.

This error is primarily caused by faulty drivers, which are programmed to gain access to improper hardware addresses. This is why this error message is often linked to ntoskrnl.exe in BSOD dump files, as the kernel process itself will crash when this BSOD occurs. A fault or bug in a device driver could be the cause, as could corrupt system files, overheating or damaged hardware, or an incompatible driver or system update.