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Who is on Russian dating apps in 2019?

Who is on Russian dating apps in 2019?

Last night I was reading Mark Manson’s best-selling book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck in which he talks about his experience in Saint Petersburg, Russia which really fascinates me: The weather sucks, the city sucks, people don’t smile at strangers, etc. He had a date with a Russian girl in a coffee shop and within a few minutes, the Russian woman says something along the lines of, “Oh, your joke isn’t even funny.” That was many years ago before Russian dating apps were developed.

Before you use a Russian dating app, please have some understanding of the Russian dating culture.

Initially, bience in Russia, but later on he realized that the Russian culture is great – Russian people are honest with each other. Unlike westerners, Russians don’t smile at strangers that they don’t even know. If his joke isn’t funny, a Russian lady would tell him directly without pretending to le jokes.

Several years later, Mark Manson married his wife and this couple is different from many westerners – if he doesn’t like his wife’s outfit, he directly tells her about it. Nastavi čitati Who is on Russian dating apps in 2019?